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Check Out the House of Seven Gables

June 28, 2012

Today (June 27), we rode from Townsend to Ennis, Montana. Near the beginning of the ride, I spotted this mansion on the banks of the Jefferson River.


Later, we saw this somewhat more modest home, with a sign reading, “Parker homestead” near the road.


After about 60 miles of riding, we began a five mile climb up a seven % grade. You know, the type the semis groan up at 40 mph! At the top was a sign describing that this was the pass on the Bozeman Trail developed by John Bozeman for the purpose of bringing produce from the Gallatin Valley to south western Montana. Here I am with the sign.


I think the ride today was 78 or 79 miles. At the end, we arrived at the high school in Ennis, which is beautiful. Here is the bronze sculpture of mustangs outside the front door.


And here are some simple wooden benches I liked outside another door.


Tomorrow, we ride to West Yellowstone.


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  1. Nel Fetherling permalink

    I’m not sure if you are receiving comments or not. Kind of wondering what and how you are eating on the trip–How do you get all the nutrition you need without stopping to eat every 15 minutes? If you answer this then I’m going to ask about what you do when nature calls…Seems as if you are keeping a serious schedule.

    • I did receive this. I am just learning about blogging though so cannot always figure out how to reply. The tour company feeds us three big meals a day. Believe me, I have been taking full advantage! Also, on the ride plan they pass out each day, they mark “T” for toilet. The biggest gap between “T’s” that I can recall was 42 miles.

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