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Earthquake Lake

June 29, 2012

Today’s ride (June 28) was through beautiful country starting in Ennis and ending in West Yellowstone. It was a total of 72.9 miles going gradually uphill all day long. A bit past the middle of the ride, we saw Earthquake Lake. It was formed in 1959 when an earthquake caused a huge landslide that blocked the Madison River. This first photo shows the constriction in the river where the earth slid down.


The next shot shows trees that were inundated and died.


A short distance later, I came upon a man with a horse cart and three beautiful draught horses. I spoke with him and found out he is taking a year to drive the horses 5000 miles around the western US and Canada.  Here’s what they looked like clopping along the highway.


The final curious sight for the day was this sign by Hebgen Lake.


I watched and watched for the alleged creatures but never saw any.


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  1. The Sabin's permalink

    Wow. I love all the pictures this time!! Keep taking those photos! It makes your trip seem so much more real. We’re headed out on the boat for a few days so i can’t wait to check in when we get back. I love eating my breakfast and reading about your adventures. Stay safe and let us know how you like your new shoes!! doesn’t it make it easier??

    • permalink

      I think the shoes do help, but I’m still in the “fear of falling” phase. For example, I had one incident where four guys suddenly stopped right in front of me and I couldn’t get out of the clips fast enough and did the slow mo topple. So I tend to do things like just clipping into one.

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  2. Mary Kroening permalink

    The scenery is just magnificent. How lovely to be in the midst of everything – much more awe-inspiring than being in a car. You’re on such an amazing adventure. Stay healthy and safe. mj

    • permalink

      It’s really fun doing this blog because the comments make it seem like everyone is traveling with me. Keep on checking in and I’ll see you in Illinois! Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID

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