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The Unibomber

June 27, 2012

Lincoln, Montana, where we spent last night, is famous as the place where Ted Kosinsky, the unibomber, hung out. So I was a bit alarmed when, just after sunset, we heard many loud explosions and what seemed to be gunfire. This morning, we found out this is the method the town uses to keep bears away. It rained last night but minor amounts and I felt dry and cozy inside my little tent.

The big event for today was crossing the Continental Divide. Here is the obligatory photo of me doing that.


However, not too long after I rode down the back side of this pass (Flesher Pass), an horrendous gusty wind came up. It wasn’t a matter of just riding against a constant wind. It was completely unpredictable. It blew me across the center line several times and kicked up so much debris I felt I was being sandblasted. I felt unable to control my bike and resorted to the sag wagon. As it turned out, a number of others also did. Of those who continued to ride, there were at least four crashes with one of those resulting in a broken wrist. So I feel like I made the correct choice.

Tomorrow, we ride to Ennis, Montana, a famous fly fishing spot.


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  1. Malarkey Wall permalink

    You are amazing & (as Cousin Ibby knows what’s going on) she said in an e-mail this morning, “If only I were 68 again!!”

  2. Jay & Jackie permalink

    Well that’s it! You now have Jackie and I back on the bikes, (we made it all the way to the Post Office and back…how about that?!)

  3. Carole, I just checked in to your blog and really enjoyed your first ten days in one sitting. Hardly seems fair, imagining what you have endured your 1st 10 days:) You are amazing! The blogs are fun. Glad you are doing that.

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