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Pierre to Miller

July 17, 2012

Today’s ride (July 16) had several of the same issues as Saturday’s-no place to hide from the sun and intense heat. This afternoon, the reader board at the bank in Miller said the temperature was 105 degrees. But, thankfully, there was no head wind. I did the whole ride, but I started this morning at about 5:20 am to try to get in some riding time before things really heated up. The ride was 88.3 miles.


This picture is a train along the banks of the Missouri River in the early morning light, taken just as I was leaving Pierre.


This (above) is another shot of the river a little later.

Here is a shot of one of only two groups of trees to which we has access along the way. This was about 15 miles out of Miller. I took it from the vantage point of resting in its shade.


Lastly, here was a wonderful display of childrens’ pedal cars and tractors arrayed on the back of an old Chevy truck. I came upon it while walking in Miller.



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  1. Mary Kroening permalink

    You are getting through the treeless areas and will soon be in the Midwest! I’m so glad that you recognize the signs of heat exhaustion and cut your ride short when necessary. John and I are hoping to be able to see you sometime while you’re at Martha’s. We’re both following you as you ride and blog, ride and blog, ride and blog! Be safe. mj

  2. camille permalink

    Carole this is such an exciting ride. You are doing such great job. Thanks for sharing your pictures and blogs with all of us. Ride safe. Camille (Kitty is around here somewhere!)

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