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Philip to Pierre

July 17, 2012

On Saturday July 14, we rode from Philip, SD, to the South Dakota capitol of Pierre. It was over 100 degrees, there were no trees or structures for respite from the sun, and there was a head wind of 20 mph. I estimate that I rode about 58 miles of a total 88 mile ride.  I was feeling clammy, which can be an early warning of heat exhaustion, so I opted to ride part of the way in the sag wagon, as did many others.

Here’s a picture of the area we rode in. I took this particular shot because it showed one of the few dwellings we passed but it also shows how there was no escape from the blazing sun.


Once we reached Pierre, we spent Sunday, July 15, our day off, there. On Sunday morning, I spent some time on foot exploring. I saw the capitol building.


I also saw a man-made lake behind the building that is fed by ground water that maintains a constant 92 degree temperature. The lake does not freeze in winter. On the shore of the lake was this memorial to veterans.


I also walked along the shore of the Missouri River on the Lewis and Clark Trail. It’s amazing to think the Corp of Discovery trod this same path 208 years ago on the way to over-winter in the Mandan villages in 1804.



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