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The Tetons and Togwotee Pass

July 4, 2012

When we left Jackson Hole on Monday morning (July 2), we went by the town square in the old part of town. There are four of these arches made of horns shed by bull elk each year and picked up at the nearby wildlife refuge.  One arch is on each corner of the square.


Soon, we were riding on a beautiful new bike trail through Grand Teton National Park. The view of the Tetons was awe inspiring.


We learned from signs along the way that the Tetons are the youngest part of the Rockies, a mere 9 million years old!
Beneath Mt. Moran, on the north end of the chain, is Jenny Lake. Here’s what it looked like.


After we left Teton Park, we climbed for about 18 miles to an elevation of 9658 feet to get over Togwotee Pass. But for about 2 or 3 miles we were not allowed to ride due to road construction and were transported with our bikes in the back of trucks.

This is what the pass looked like.


Here’s another view of the beautiful alpine meadows at the pass.


And here’s something I found humorous. It’s an official highway sign with a misspelling of “Dubois,” our destination for Monday night. After a mostly downhill ride from this point, I reached Dubois at about 7:45 p.m.


On this day, we covered 101.5 miles, but it wasn’t an official century 100 miler because of the short truck ride.


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  1. Your picture of the arches is timely. My s-i-l just posted a picture of the same arches, probably 23 years ago, when they were traveling through with my little niece and 2 nephews. The kids are grown now but the arches haven’t changed a bit:) Your photography is excellent. Thanks!!

    • permalink

      Yup! Those antlers last a long time! Nice to know you are still “tuning in” to the blog!

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