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Dragging Myself Over Teton Pass

July 1, 2012

Yesterday (June 30), we rode 68 or so miles from Ashton, ID to Jackson Hole, WY. The ride up and over Teton Pass was a bear! The first part as we left Ashton was green roller coaster hills with the Tetons way in the distance. Here’s a photo.


Then, there was a portion where we went through some small Idaho towns, like Driggs, that are beginning to gentrify as the aura of Jackson Hole spreads into nearby places, even over the mountains. Here’s a photo of some beautiful peonies outside a shopping area in Driggs.


In Driggs, we began climbing.  First, we reached the Idaho-Wyoming border. Here’s yet another shot of me crossing yet another border.


After lots of climbing beyond the border, I reached Teton Pass, over 8000 feet. Here’s a shot of the information board at the pass and then the view from the pass, which was spectacular!


The view.


After a long ride down a 10% grade, we arrived in Jackson Hole yesterday evening.

This morning (our one day off per week), I saw two more interesting sights as I walked to breakfast. First, there were some hot air balloons taking off.


Then, there was this osprey diligently caring for its young.


“See” you again tomorrow.


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  1. Jay & Jackie permalink

    I don’t know if any of our comments are “getting through” however this is an incredibly awesome ride you’re undertaking! Jackie insists I keep her up-to-date, daily, on your progress and all the kids are following your every post. We’ve been praying for you daily and the church congregation has prayed for you the past two Sundays. All I can say is “Wow!”

    • You are “gettin through.” It’s just that my tech skills need help! I tbink I am now posting your comment. Thanks for all your prayers and good wishes!

  2. Camille Woodruff permalink

    Hi Carole! What a incredible ride! Kitty and I are rooting for you! Great pictures! Makes me want to travel across the US! Thanks for doing this event and sharing all of it with us! Ride safe! Camille

  3. Mary Kroening permalink

    Did you catch a glimpse of fellow Riponite Harrison Ford while in Jackson Hole? Maybe he was flying overhead while you were walking through town. I’ll bet you didn’t ride your bike on your day off! Take care. I love reading your blogs and seeing your awesome photos. MJ

    • permalink

      No, Harrison must not have gotten the news that I was there!

      Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID

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