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My first century ride!

June 20, 2012

Rode 102+ miles today. We are in Electric City tonight. Here’s a photo of Grand Coulee Dam at the end of the day as I rode into town. 


Everyone clapped for me when I got here because it was

such a hard ride but I kept on going. I guess its the bicycle version of a marathon. There was one 5.5 mile section that was uphill without relief with up to 12% grade. Here I am at the top of that climb.


Tomorrow, it’s on to Spokane!


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  1. The Sabin's permalink

    Are you riding by yourself or do you have someone to chat with? Are you riding along the freeway or on country roads? Amelia wants to know “did you figure out how to light up your kindle?” And lastly, are you so tired at the end of the day you just pass out???? Congrats on your first 100 +! that’s something we all haven’t even attempted!!

    • permalink

      I talk with people while riding and in the camps. They are all extremely kind. For example, while a couple was passing me today, she said they were going to take me to a bike shop in Missoula and help me find new cleats that should make riding much easier.

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