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Cherries and apples and pears, oh my!

June 19, 2012

The end of the day today was beautifully sunny with the ride passing through lots of orchards.


But the beginning was 15 miles of straight uphill in the rain. Here I am at Stevens Pass at the end of that climb.


Total miles today=74.8. We ended the day in Wenatchee. There, I hung on the side of my tent a small solar panel that I brought with me and recharged my smart phone. With camping out, electricity is at a premium. See you tomorrow!


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  1. The Sabin's permalink

    WoW! That’s crazy business. That’s amazing! Glad you’re someplace sunny. You deserve it after all that rain. I love Wenatchee. Our friends live there. If you’re done biking, you can stay w/ them for five weeks and no one will be the wiser! 🙂 Keep going! yOu can do this.

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