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Gillette to Devil’s Tower

July 8, 2012

I’ve been having a little trouble getting my new shoes with the toe clips to release from the pedals. When they fail to release, I simply fall over sideways. A couple on the tour, Dennis and Holly, have become my toe clip gurus. Here is Dennis,wearing my bike shoe, which is 2 or 3 sizes too small, working on making it easier to clip out. I thought it was a riot to see him in my shoes!


Today (July 7), we rode from Gillette to Devil’s Tower. It was a beautiful ride. Just outside Gillette, a bunch of us posed for this group shot.


Left to right, that’s me, Carol Rutter from South Lake Tahoe, CA, Jerry from Huntington Beach, CA, Avi from Israel, Bruce from Connecticut, and Linda from St. Louis, MO.

From about 20 miles away, this was how Devil’s Tower looked. Look closely. It’s just a faint shape.


Then, we rode closer.


Finally, we reached the official Wyoming State photo op site right near the camp ground where a lot of the cyclists stayed. Here’s the view from there.


Yesterday, for the first time, I opted for the motel choice offered by Cycle America for our one day off per week. This entitled me to ride an additional almost 10 miles, to Hulett, WY, for a total of 77.3 miles. Don’t worry, I’ll get paid back on Monday morn, when I’ll start out 10 miles ahead of those who stayed at the camp ground and, in the meanwhile, I’ve had the use of a BATHTUB. For this bicyclist’s aching backside, it’s been a huge help-the first tub since we departed Seattle three weeks ago. AAAAHHHH!


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  1. Roberta Moore permalink

    Amazing record of your accomplishments! The pictures are terrific and today I had to comment because here in the neighborhood I had a bathtub put into the old house at last. 6 years without one. You could really lounge around in this one. I bet you are beat up by now. I am glad you took a motel night. We camped on the coast last weekend and it poured Saturday, we had the little ones. I thought of you and how you are just toughing it out (you scare me just a tiny bit) so I stopped complaining (after all I am two years younger than you!). So proud of your big plan. Take care.

    • permalink

      That’s right. I remember construction on your new room was underway before I left. Now, I truly understand what you went through all those years!

      Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID

  2. Martha Lacey permalink

    Carole, finally got my “tech staff” (EWLJ) to fix my Internet access. Keeping up with you now. Great pics! Looking forward to seeing you and Malarkey.

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