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If you want to see my route.

June 16, 2012

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  1. Malarkey Wall permalink

    I love my cyclist!!!! The roses outside the kitchen window are fabulous & smelling wonderfully.
    At 1:00, I started working in the office & Tei Gordon (Tokyo) said he’s showing rum to a distributor in China who’s really interested in the product.
    Mario said I looked “sad.” I’m both spoiled & sad!!!!!!
    Guess he’s right on the sad part.
    Love, M

    • I love you lots!!! One of the guys on the trip is from New York City and his job is as a wine, beer and beverage critic. Maybe I can get him to review your products!

      • The Sabin's permalink

        Yea! Just keep sticking next to him. He has to give in eventually. You’ve got lots of miles to get him to say yes!

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